Our active work with diversity and equality is a strong sucess factor for us. Our co-workers come from different countires and speak many languages, thus providing us with a strength that enables us give better service to our customers. When recruiting, we encourage appliants from under represented gender, nationality and age to apply. 

We have a high share of female managers and have been able to mirror the organization gender ratio when recriuting new managers. In total, our  ratio is 71 percent women and 29 percent men. Our largest manager group consist of 76 percent women and 24 percent men.

Environmental focus

We work activly to lessen our environmental foot print through;

  • Identify areas, activities, effects and range of our environmental foor print. 
  • Deliver services, products and activities in a way that generate the least possible environmental foot print.
  • Reuse and recycle as much as possible.
  • Encourage all co-workers to actively care for our environment in their daily work. 

Sustainability reports

In our reports you find information on our focus areas during the different years. Read about:

  • Our business and sustainabilty strategy
  • Our focus areas for sustainable conduct of business
  • FOREX Bank as an attractive employer
  • Our environmental and societal engagement

The reports are in Swedish and are available on our Swedish website.


The FOREX group perform regular controls to verify that given limits and routines are followed. The risk management process och the systems used for risk management are continuously evaluated to make sure that they reflect currenct market prerequisits and comprise all products and services offered. Through education and clear processes, the bank creates the conditions needed for a good risk control where every employee has an understanding for the role and responsibilites that comes with employment at FOREX Bank.

PARTNERSHIP with save the children

We have a partnership with Save the Children since many years back. By collecting coins and notes in our Bank stores, we contribute to their emergency response work. Thanks to donations from our customers and employees, Save the Children have possibilities to react fast and save more lives. So far, our partnership has generated NOK 1,6 million.