How to send money with Western Union

Western Union is fast, easy and secure. With 470,000 agents in more than 200 countries and territories over the world, millions of people send money with Western Union. The money arrives in just a few minutes, depending on the agent’s opening hours and time zone differences. Payment is usually made in the local currency.

Find a FOREX store

Go to your nearest FOREX bank or X-change shop. They are all Western Union agents.

Identify yourself

Remember to bring valid identification. For citizens of other nations, please bring your passport. For citizens of Schengen countries, national ID cards  issued by governmental institutions are accepted. Drivers licences are also accepted for citizens of Sweden, Denmark and Finland. For Norweigian citizens we accept bankcard with photo, drivers license, passport and Post office ID cards. 

Give needed information

Our staff will ask you for all needed information, such as your and the recipients' personal details. Before the transaction is executed, you pay the amount you wish to send and the fees for the transaction. 

The money are sent

Your money transfer is done within just a few minutes. You are given a receipt with a ten digit contol number (MTCN). 

The money can be picked up

The recipient can now pick up the money. To do this, the recipient will need to have the control number from your receipt, fill in the form "To receive money" and show valid identification. Any agent available in the receiver country can be used. 

Western Union Direct to Bank

We offer the solution Western Union Direct to Bank, a sevrice that allows the recipient to get the money deposited to a bank account. The service is only available in certain countries. For more  information, please contact your nearest FOREX store.

General limitations in the FOREX product range

FOREX product offerings may differ from Western Union's. Right now it is not possible to send or receive money from Belarus, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Russia and Libya.