City index

Cities Index Cities Index
New Delhi 31 Lyon 66
Manila 32 Miami 68
St Petersburg 33 Lisbon 68
Mumbai 33 Athens 69
Sarajevo 33 Rom 73
Sao Paulo 35 Manchester 73
Kuala Lumpur 35 Berlin 75
Mexico City 36 HongKong 75
Buenos Aires 36 Wienna 76
Lima 37 Saltzburg 76
Sofia 37 Tokyo 77
Istanbul 37 Barcelona 77
Rio de Janeiro 38 Dubai 78
Podgorica 38 Milan 79
Ho Chi Minh City 38 Las Vegas 80
Belgrad 38 Hamburg 81
Moscow 41 Brygge 82
Gdansk 43 Stockholm 83
Warszaw 43 Helsinki 84
Tirana 43 Sydney 85
Jakarta 44 Florence 85
Krakow 45 Edinburgh 86
Bucharest 46 Los Angeles 91
Vilnius 48 Dubrovnik 92
Colombo 48 Toronto 97
Bangkok 48 London 100
Riga 49 Oslo 100
Zagreb 49 Paris 100
Cape town 50 Dublin 100
Taipei 52 Singapore 101
Kairo 53 Munich 103
Beijing 54 Chicago 104
Budapest 55 Amsterdam 105
Pisa 56 Tel Aviv 105
Prague 57 Vancouver 107
Tallin 58 Copenhagen 111
Ljubljana 59 Reykjavik 114
Seoul 59 Venice 114
Shanghai 62 Genèva 121
Madrid 64 San Fransisco 133
Malaga 66 New York 135
Brussels 66    


Our latest city index

The cheapest city to visit this fall is New Delhi in India, with an index of 31 to be compared to Oslo that has index 100. Ho Chi Minh City has been topping the list for a while, but is now on fifth place. The main difference is the cost for hotel nights that has increased. For those wishing to have a holiday in Europe, there are plenty of options usch as Sarajevo (33), Sofia (37) and Istanbul (37).

– The currency situtioan globally has changed radically, and has been failry inpredictable for some time now. That has led to several destinations changing positions compared to our earlier indexes. But, in spite of the Norweigian currency being weak, there are many good travel destinations. Asia is still the cheapest corner of the world, with low costs for hotels and living expenses alik, says Rune Viermyr, head of FOREX Bank Norway.

Accoring to the city index, Genèva (121), San Francisco (133) and New York (135) are the most expensive cities. Reykjavik (114) has been the most expensive city before, but has now changed position. Most of this change is due to hotel cost differences. 

– A clear trend is the so called "Second Cities", meaning that you travel to a city that is a bit smaller than the largest city in the country you cisit. In some cases, the term can be used for capital cities such as Madrid. Madrid has the index of 64, whereas Barcelona has 77. Manchester has 73, but London har 100. Lyon landed the index 66, and Paris 100. An example from  USA is Miami with the index of 68, compared to New York that is the most expensive city with an index of 135. The list of similar cities to visit is long. You can have great experiences to cheaper prices, in cities that are comparable to the larger cities, sier Rune Viermyr.

About index

Our city index is a comparison of the price level in cities worldwide. The table shows what a holiday would cost in these cities, compared to Oslo (Oslo = Index 100). Apart from currency rates, the index takes normal holiday expenses into consideration. The price infomration for hotels are delivered by Trivago.