Refund in progress

Refunds are ongoing but we cannot guarantee when individual customers will receive their refund.

Previous information from our suppliers was that the customers would have their wrongly withdrawn money back in the account by Thursday 22 September at the latest. Due to further technical errors in connection with the refunds, this has not been possible - which is deeply regrettable.

FOREX and the supplier do everything possible to ensure that all customers get their money back as soon as possible. We deeply regret the situation that has arisen and that customers have been affected. We at FOREX understand that this affects our customers very negatively and are working in parallel to resolve the emergency situation as well as with an action plan to avoid similar events in the future.

We are currently doing everything we can to ensure that all affected customers receive the erroneously charged amount back as soon as possible, so that all erroneously charged amounts, including any fees in connection with the card transaction, must be refunded within the next few days.

More information

FOREX has over 80 ATMs in Sweden, Finland and Norway. FOREX buys these ATMs as a complete service from one of the world's leading suppliers of IT solutions and services for trade and banking. FOREX decides where the ATMs will be located and the supplier takes care of the rest, including the delivery of data files to a company that, among other things, delivers services within card redemption – also this a well-established provider – which means that the withdrawal is debited to the card.

This solution has worked efficiently, painlessly and safely until Friday 16 September when a file transfer error occurred, with the consequence that the withdrawal was charged four times.

The error itself was identified and fixed during Sunday, September 18, but FOREX only received information about the problem on Monday, September 19. A large team at FOREX has since devoted all available resources to contributing to a solution to the problem in close cooperation with these suppliers and to dealing with other urgent problems that arose as a consequence of the incident.

FOREX takes the situation that has arisen seriously and has taken measures together with our suppliers to ensure that a similar situation does not happen again, and continues to work with its suppliers to find a quick solution. FOREX and its employees have the deepest sympathies for how the incident has affected the customers.